Curriculum Vitae

Mark Andrew M. Bonardelli

Born: Montréal, Québec

Canadian Citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident Alien

Education: University of Ottawa: Master of Arts in Economics, Ottawa, Ontario.

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) Economics, minor in history

Languages: English, working knowledge of French, learning Spanish

Experience: Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Springfield, Illinois, (formerly Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources) Energy & Environmental Assessment Section, Research Economist, November 1983-present:


Regional time-series employment and income analysis;

Impact analysis on issues such as: environmental degradation, oil/energy import taxes, pollution compliance on industries and regions, the value of recreational facilities, enlarging the gaming industry in Illinois, location of an automobile plant, retaining of industries, U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement.

The results of these analyses led to the development of policy to support the findings. Many polluting companies lost their waiver to existing laws; state park facilities maintained their level of funding; construction of a Chicago Casino was not approved; Diamond-Star auto plant chose an Illinois location; policies developed to protect Illinois jobs.

Economic research on issues such as decommissioning of nuclear power plants, which led to addressing this topic in utility resource plans;

Econometric model-building of electric and natural gas utility sales;

Publishing the quarterly Illinois Energy Data Review, a newsletter with a feature article and pertinent current energy information, which became one of the premier data sources for Illinois energy information.


Investigating industrial electric rates to determine Illinois utilities' susceptibility to retail wheeling;

Comparison of the cost and revenue structure of Illinois and regional utilities to determine impacts of a competitive market;

Reviewing utility resource plans and providing testimony at regulatory hearings leading to utility commitment to improve demand-side management (DSM) plans.


Supervision and administration of a general equilibrium forecasting model (REMI) of Illinois and sub-state regions for use in economic impact analysis;

Using an energy demand and supply model (E2020) for utility planning process;

Knowledgeable in government and other data bases;

Proficient in word processor (Word), spreadsheet (Excel), packages (SAS), Internet.

Learning web site development.

Other work experience and summer employment:

Springfield College in Illinois and Lincolnland Community College, Springfield, Illinois.

Instructor of Principles of Economics course (macro- and micro-) at a two-year liberal arts college and a public junior college, respectively.

Canadian Medical Association, Ottawa, Ontario.

Consultant to the Chief of Research on the U.S. health-care system.

DPA Consulting, Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario.

Provided economic analysis at international consulting firm on a variety of projects:

Marketing of papain, a meat tenderizer;

Data gathering on aid to Tanzania;

Development of a data base and economic indicators for Northern Canada Economic Development Strategy Study;

Development of work standards for inmate jobs for the Correctional Service.

Illinois Department of Public Health, Springfield, Illinois.

Economic and financial analysis of health-facility capital investments which investigated financial statements, debt data, revenues and expenses and other business indicators to determine impacts on health-care costs;

Studying various areas related to health planning and government health programmes.

Canada Ministry of Transport, Air Administration, Ottawa, Ontario.

Duties in the Planning Section included coordination of the budgetary cycle;

Maintenance of files on airports and air navigation projects;

Economic studies such the viability of capital projects.

Recently Published Papers:

"Analysing the Impact of Lost Coal Sales Using the Illinois REMI Model", International Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 18, No. 1, 1995.

"Evaluating Alternative Regional Planning Models: A Comment" with Donald Grimes and George Fulton (University of Michigan), Growth and Change, Fall 1992.

"Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants", Illinois Statewide Electric Utility Plan, 1992.

Other Research Papers:

The Illinois REMI Model: Aspects for the User, 1993

Recent Economic and Energy Trends, 1987

Sales and Revenue Econometric Model of Illinois’ Electric and Gas Utilities, 1986

Health-Care Cost Containment and the Reimbursement Process, 1982

Controlling Inflationary Expectations: Basis of Present Economic Policy, 1982

Monetarists vs. Keynesians: A Summary of the Debate

Was the New Deal Keynesian?

Transportation and the Urban Environment


Music: as sound engineer, P.A. system operator for various bands and at clubs (Springfield Hilton); toured with Dixieland band for Swiss concerts at Montreux, Brienz, and Brissago (1996); as publicity person with "Cats on Holiday" and other bands, design and distribute handbills, order and sell records and other souvenirs.

Performing: with "Ice Capades", as costumed character in photo-opportunity concession.

Writing: music, entertainment critic.


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